Church & Church Lumber Company

Church & Church Lumber Company is a family-owned and operated business located in Wilkes County, North Carolina. We have been a part of the forest products industry for over three generations.

The Church & Church Lumber Company family of companies controls all of our processes from raw material acquisition, timber harvesting, sawmilling, kiln drying, order specification and shipping in order to provide best in class products and services to our customers.

Church & Church Lumber Company produces quality Appalachian Hardwood lumber, White Pine lumber and Yellow Pine lumber. Our products are used in furniture, millwork, cabinetry, flooring, decking, log homes, containers and pallets. We supply customers worldwide with quality lumber products manufactured to their specifications.

Be sure to contact us to discuss your lumber, timber, forestry or forestland needs. Our professional staff will be glad to help you find the best solution.

Church & Church Lumber Company Sawmill

The Church and Church Lumber Company Sawmill produces in excess of 20 million board feet of top quality Appalachian Hardwood lumber, White Pine lumber and Yellow Pine lumber annually.

Our sawmill is equipped with modern, efficient equipment.  We strive to maintain the balance between efficiency, production, accuracy and economy throughout our manufacturing processes. This enables us to provide value to our customers, fully utilize the timber resource and focus on meeting our customers’ needs.